Metallurgical Coke

Metallurgical Coke

Metallurgical coke is widely used in various industries in Japan.

In a coke furnace, coal is heated indirectly (for 14 to 18 hours at 1,200 to 1,300°C) and then carbonized (dried by distillation) for about 24 hours.
Subsequently, it is fractionated into coke and other materials, such as gases, tar oil, benzene, toluene, and naphthalene.
Metallurgical coke has an 85 to 90% fixed carbon content.

We handle metallurgical coke produced mainly in Japan but also imported from neighboring countries/regions (China, Taiwan, and Korea) and provide services from stock yards in Japan to meet the demand of various users in Japanese and foreign markets.

(Main applications)
Metallurgy : Steel industry/ferroalloy industry/foundries/non-ferrous metal refineries
Carbon material : Carbide industry/electrode industry/grinding industry
Heat sources : Electric furnaces/ceramic cement and lime industry/local governments (garbage incineration/sludge treatment gasification melting)

CDQ Coke Breeze

CDQ coke breeze is powder coke collected when inert gas (nitrogen gas) is circulated in coke dry quenching (CDQ) equipment, which digests red-hot coke out of the coke furnace using inert gas.
CDQ coke breeze can be delivered either by a tanker lorry or using flexible container bags.

(Main applications)
Fuel for sintering, fuel for kilns, carburizer for electric furnaces, combustion aid for cupola furnaces

Refractory Products

We handle refractory products (withstanding a temperature of 1,580°C or more) used as nonmetallic substances hard to melt at the high temperature of industrial furnaces, not refractory products (withstanding 1,000 to 1,200°C) used as non-flammable construction materials.
Refractory products are essential as "reliable supporters" for basic industries such as the steel, cement, glass, nonferrous metal, and chemical industries.
Since the iron and steel industry accounts for about 70% of the demand for refractory products, we offer reasonable priced and excellent refractory products to contribute particularly to the rationalization of the iron and steel industry.

Refractory products vary widely in their specific applications, types, and others, and therefore listing product names is not always helpful.
We can introduce to customers excellent refractory manufacturers in Japan or abroad with whom we have a long-term relationship of mutual trust.

Refractory Materials

Raw materials for refractories must be carefully examined to manufacture inexpensive and excellent refractory products.
Therefore, we investigate raw materials for refractories in various countries in the world and introduce raw materials manufacturers we have selected to refractory manufacturers.
Raw materials for refractories include ordinary oxides (such as SiO2, Al2O3, and MgO), special oxides (such as TiO2 and ZrO2), and carbides and nitrides.
We can supply raw materials that meet customers' requests.

Calcined Anthracites

Calcined Anthracites

Anthracites are calcined to reduce the volatile matter content mainly for use as carburizers for iron and steel.

  • Imported from China

Refractories for coke oven battery

We have the sales record of import Silica,bricks,fireclay bricks, and fireclay gitter bricks.

Foundry Coke/Carbon Additives

Foundry Coke/Carbon Additives
Shipping base (Warehouse)

We handle foundry coke made mainly in Japan and China.
We have over a 25% share in the Japanese foundry coke market.
Now that foundry coke imported from China accounts for over 60% of the Japanese market, we have established an integrated sales system, which includes our stock yards at 10 locations in Japan and the direct delivery system from manufacturing sites to customers with the top priority placed on prompt, secure, and stable transactions.
We also offer various substitutes for foundry coke, such as anthracites and pre-baked anode carbon, to meet customers' needs.

Japanese products: Nippon Coke & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Imports: Shanxi Wengfeng Coke Technology Co., Ltd. (China); Taiyuan Tingxiang Coal-Carbonization Group Co., Ltd. (China); Yaolong Coal & Charcoal & Iron Ltd Co., Luliang, Shanxi, China; Sinochem Zhenjiang Coking Co., Ltd. (China); etc.
Other carbon additives: Anthracites (Vietnam), pre-baked anode carbon (China)

Green Petroleum Coke

Green petroleum coke is produced in the following process:
- Separate heated crude oil by using the difference in the boiling point of the components.
- Distill the residual oil in vacuum and fractionate it into gasoline, kerosene, light oil, etc.
- Decompose the remaining components at high temperature in the coker to produce petroleum coke.
In addition to Japanese domestic green petroleum coke, we also handle imports from the U.S., Canada, and Taiwan.

Iron and steel manufacture, fuel for cement burning, fuel for boilers, etc.



With a high degree of coalification and low volatile content, anthracites generate little smoke when burned and are regarded as high quality coal.
We handle anthracites from Vietnam (Hongei coal), China, Russia (Ukraine), South Africa, and other countries and sell them widely to cement manufacturers as well as to general industries.

Iron and steel manufacture, fuel for cement burning, artificial coal and pea coal manufacture, fuel for boilers, etc.

Calcined Petroleum Coke

Calcined Petroleum Coke

Calcined petroleum coke is produced from green petroleum coke through high temperature treatment to increase the carbon content.
We widely promote sales activities, focusing on Japanese products and imports from China.

Electrode manufacture, CO2 gas generation, aluminum refining, carburizing, etc.

Coal Tar

Coal Tar is a liquid material produced in Coke ovens as a by-product of coke.
Coal Tar is normally distilled for producing Coal Tar Pitch, Creosote Oil, Naphthaline, etc., but is also burned as an industrial fuel.

We supply Coal Tar to Coal Tar distillers and Carbon Black manufacturers in Japan and abroad. We have established close ties with suppliers and customers both in Japan and neighboring countries like China, Korea, Australia, etc.

Distillation feedstock
Carbon Black raw material

Coal Tar Pitch

Coal Tar Pitch is a solid product produced from Coal Tar. Coal Tar Pitch is divided into three grades, Soft Pitch, Middle Pitch and Hard Pitch, classified by softening point.

We are engaged in domestic and foreign trade of Coal Tar Pitch with an emphasis on the export to Asian countries.

Binder material for Aluminium Anode
Binder/Impregnation material for Graphite Electrode.
Pitch Coke feedstock

(Calcined) Pitch Coke

Pitch Coke is produced from Coal Tar Pitch (Soft Pitch) using a delayed coking process and a calcination process. Pitch Coke is a very pure carbon material suitable for making Carbon and Graphite Electrodes, Carbon Specialties, Recarburizers, and various carbon Additives.

We export Japanese Calcined Pitch Coke to USA, Russia, Indonesia, etc. for various applications.

Aluminium Anode
Artificial Graphite Electrode
Carbon Specialty
Carbon Additive

Creosote Oil

Creosote Oil is a blend of multiple Coal Tar distillates made up to meet a specification required for making Carbon Black.

We import Creosote Oil mainly from China for supplying Carbon Black manufacturers in Japan.

Carbon Black raw material