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As of July 1st, 2021
Company Name Summit CRM, Ltd.
Head Office Sumitomo Corporation Takebashi Bldg, 9F
1-2-2 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0003 JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-5219-3800 (Main Number) Fax: +81-3-5219-3840
President Shinichi Uryu
Capital 498 million yen
Established November 1, 1996
Category of Business Wholesaler (Trading Company)
Total Sales 43.8 billion yen (Fiscal year ended March 2021)
Shareholder Sumitomo Corporation (100%)
Number of Employees 50 Workers
Offices Tokyo, Osaka
Administration Group
Business Group No.1
Business Group No.2
Business Activities
  1. Domestic and international trade of carbon-related materials, fuels, and products
    (Products: coke, foundry coke, coke for gas generation, anthracites, green petroleum coke, carburizers, heat up materials, coal tar pitch, coal tar etc.)
  2. Domestic and international trade of refractories, sales of materials and equipment, and import of auxiliary materials for steel manufacturing
    (Products: Various types of refractory materials for iron and steel manufacture, materials and equipment for iron manufacture, etc.)
  3. Domestic and international trade of other related raw materials, fuels, and products
    (Products: Materials for casting, substitution fuels, etc.)
History November 1996 Sumisho Reftech Co., Ltd. was established (Head Office: Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo) and started business as a refractories trading company.
December 2003 Summit Carbon Trading Co., Ltd. was established (Head Office: Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) and started the coke and coal business entrusted by Carbon Dept., Sumitomo Corporation.
April 2005 Sumisho Reftech Co., Ltd. and Summit Carbon Trading Co., Ltd. were merged and Summit CRM, Ltd. was founded.
(Head Office: Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Capital: 210 million yen)
June 2005 Head Office was moved and integrated into a new business office. (Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
February 2006 Part of the carbon-related materials business was transferred from Carbon Dept., Sumitomo Corporation.
As a result, in addition to refractory products and materials, the business of carbon-related materials was started under our own name, and the capital was also increased by 288 million yen.
January 2011 Coal tar-related business was started besides our existent business by transfer of partial carbon materials from Carbon Dept., Sumitomo Corporation.
July 2018 Head Office relocated.(Hitotsubasi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)


Administration Group
  • Administration Team No.1
  • Administration Team No.2
  • Administration Team No.3
Business Group No.1
  • Petcoke & Carbon Materials Team
  • Coal Tar Products Team
Green Petroleum Coke
Calcined Petroleum Coke
Coal Tar
Coal Tar Pitch
(Calcined) Pitch Coke
Creosote Oil
Business Group No.2
  • Team No.1
  • Team No.2

Metallurgical Coke
Foundry Coke/Carbon Additives
CDQ Coke Breeze
Calcined Anthracites
Slag (Origin from Blast Furnace and Electric Furnace)
Refractory Products
Refractory Materials
Raw Material for Blast Furnace Sintering (Dolomite, Mill Scale, etc.)
Materials for BOF Furnaces (Amorphous Graphite, etc.)
Osaka Office

About Us

Message from the President

Summit CRM, Ltd. is a new company founded in April 1, 2005 as a result of the merger of Summit Carbon Trading Co., Ltd., handling carbon raw materials, and Sumisho Reftech Co., Ltd., handling refractory materials.
The "CRM" in the company's name stands for Carbon, Refractories and Materials, signifying the new business fields that we wanted to develop.
As a supplier of important materials including raw materials to basic industries such as the steel and titanium, automotive, chemical, and cement industries, we procure raw materials globally and supply products all across the world, fulfilling a highly specialized function.

As a member of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, and particularly as a subsidiary of its Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics Business Unit, we aim to develop our business from a global perspective, while focusing on regional markets including the Japanese and Asian markets.
By promoting active cooperation between veterans with high expertise and young new employees, we aim to actively expand our business not only in existing field but also into new fields and we will grow steadily, but with a sense of urgency as a trading company that can contribute to society.

Management Principles/Activity Guidelines

We aim to be a global organization that constantly stays one step ahead in dealing with change, creates new value, and contributes broadly to society.

Management Principles

  • To achieve prosperity and realize dreams through sound business activities
  • To place prime importance on integrity and sound management with utmost respect for the individual
  • To foster a corporate culture full of vitality and conducive to innovation

Activity Guidelines

  • To act with honesty and sincerity on the basis of the Sumitomo's Business Philosophy and in keeping with the Management Principles
  • To comply with laws and regulations while maintaining the highest ethical standards
  • To put a high value on transparency and openness
  • To attach great importance to protecting the global environment
  • To contribute to society as a good corporate citizen
  • To achieve teamwork and integrated corporate strength through active communication
  • To set clear objectives and achieve them with enthusiasm

Social Contribution

We have been offering various materials, including raw materials, required for industrial development to support the base of industrial activities.
We are aiming to supply better quality and less expensive products by utilizing the global network of the Sumitomo Corporation Group.
We see change as a chance in this tumultuous time and will undertake strategic and flexible activities to meet all our customers' needs.
We will grow consistently so that we can contribute to the development of individual customers as well as industries, not only in Japan but also in the world.



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